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The real question is how can technology help save you more money than your agent? The answer is that your agent doesn't always want to get you the best deal. If you could be saving hundreds a year by switching to another insurance provider for example, you can bet your current agent will try to keep that information from you whereas the technology will clearly help you find out who has the best rates. Also, the more your agent charges you, the more they make. Now you can use the technology at Lower My Bills to get connected to multiple insurance providers who will give you several quotes so you can easily compare and pick the best deal.

This helps consumers take money out of the pockets of insurance companies, and put it back in theirs. On average we're talking about $455/year. Those in the industry recommend that more people take advantage of secure services like those offered by Lower My Bills. There's no log in required and the service is totally free: simply click here, fill out some basic information, get matched, and find out the shocking amount you could save.
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When drivers fill out the form at, many are shocked by the results they find. They just can't believe that the rates available on their network of carriers are real. The truth is though, many of the carriers on Lower My Bills network actually give drivers the discounts they qualify for, which makes it easy for drivers to save up to 50% or more with rates as low as $27/month.

So what is the One Ridiculously Easy Trick To Save On Auto Insurance? Easy, NEVER buy insurance without comparing all the discounts available to you. That's easy to say, but who wants to call a bunch of insurance agents?...

Thankfully, there are new online tools to help qualified drivers achieve the lowest rate possible. Drivers who have used this secure web form have been thrilled by the results. The form is super easy to use, only takes 3 minutes to fill out, and helps drivers save an average of $455 per year.
Paying your next car insurance bill could be a huge mistake. Don't do it until you read this...
New reports indicate that for years many drivers have been getting ripped off by their car insurance providers. This is the one trick car insurance companies don't want you to know. If you drive less than 45 miles per day or don't have any DUIs you may get some huge discounts. It's doubtful that your car insurance company ever told you that though. They know about these money saving tricks, and many others, but most companies don't pass this information along which makes it really hard to find a truly good deal on auto insurance.
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It's apparent that the only way you're going to get the rate you deserve is to take matters into your own hands. Smart consumers have known this for a while and have been using online tools to get unbiased, fast access to companies with great rates without the hassle of calling a bunch of agents.

IMPORTANT FACT: You can always get out of your current policy. You're never locked in. Even if you've already paid for your current policy, you can still cancel and get a refund.
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